Useful Recipes of Peanut kernel with red skin

In the super markets of China, 2 kinds of cooked peanut foods are supplied everyday as a popular dish-the ones with red skin and the ones without red skin, it is mainly used as the best dish to go with wines, there is even a peanut product named drunk peanut, which is the most famous [...]

Raisin-Your Daily Healthy Snack Food

The naturally dried raisin has 2 different colors-red and green: green raisins are made from the unripe green grapes, and red raisins are made from the rip red grapes. Raisin makes perfect healthy snack food for most people. It is well known that one glass of grape wine each day could help people keep healthy, [...]

Dried Haw Flakes Can Help You with Digestion Problems

The origin of hawthorn berry is in Hebei province in China, it is first recorded in the Chinese medicine book-compendium of materia medica, since then, it was a traditional Chinese medicine until today. China has entered a time of aging polulation, it is well known to the elders that haw is a healthy fruit that [...]

How to Produce the Best Dried Pear Half

Dried fruits are the new healthy snack food for most youth, they doesn’t contain much calories and matters that are carcinogenic, take the dried pear half for example, pear can be used to protect the liver, enhance the digestion system, it is mostly added to the food recipes of people who has hepatitis and cirrhosis. [...]

How to Pick and Eat Goji Berry in the Right Way

Goji berry is a mild healthy food originated in China, the dried goji berry looks like small sized raisin, except for the color is red, from the ancient time, goji is used in many medicine recipes as it could benefit the liver and kidney, it has special natural sweet taste. Dried goji berry contains many [...]

Useful Fruit Suggestions for Flu Prevention

The bird flu named H1N1 has disappeared for several years, now the H7N9 becomes an unknown threat to people in China, the source of infection is still a mysteries, pork and chicken are considered to be the possible source, any kind of contact with the bird shall be avoided during this particular period. Illness happened [...]

How to Make Canned Strawberry at Home

Strawberry is a seasonal fruit which is very popular among people of all age ranges, although it can be cultivated any time of the year in the green house, the strawberries with the best flavor are cultivated in the open fields, they are harvested during the March and April, the time you can enjoy them [...]

Why China is The Best Apple Dices with Skin Supplier

From the year of 2006 to 2012, the apple production of China was increased by 2 million tons per year, which is half of the apple production of America. The cultivated land of apple trees and the apple production in China is 40% of the world’s total amount. The fruit expert says the product remains [...]

Dried Kiwi Fruit Can Keep You Healthy

Kiwi fruit is not the original name, if look back into the history, the kiwi’s origin is in China, as it is the favorite fruit for mi hou known as the macaque, the fruit’s name means macaque’s peach. The first time it was found by Chinese is about 2700 years ago. After a very long [...]

Why the Dry Fruits Can Avoid Getting Spoiled

Many people would like to store large quantities of dried fruits at home, for the dry fruits are low on water content and some of them are high on sugar content, it can be well stored for a very long time without going bad, for some experts, the shelf time may be increased into years. [...]