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The Benefits of Sunflower Seeds

What are sunflower seeds?  A sunflower seed is the fruit of a sunflower. It is eaten as a healthy snack, and it is also used as garnishes in food recipes. The seeds of the sunflower can definitely make any ordinary meal very special. They can be sold as in-shell sees or as kernels. The seeds [...]

Your Guide to Making and Using Dried Pineapple

Pineapple is a tropical plant and its fruit can be consumed as a fresh fruit or in the form of juices or as a jam. Pineapple is rich in fiber content which helps in reducing the cholesterol level. Pineapples have high carbohydrates and a modest quantity of protein but have high sugar levels as the [...]

Healthy Dried Fruits

Dried fruits are naturally dry without any water content in it or it is made to be dry with the help of dryers, and these fruits are mostly nutritional valued. Some well known dried fruits are raisins, figs, dates, apricots, apple, papaya etc. They are rich in fiber and vitamin content so when we intake [...]

Information about Dried Fruits with No Added Sugar

If you are in love with dried fruits with no sugar, then you are lucky. This is because you can simply get the tastiest dried fruits in the market today with no sugar added. The best thing is that they are readily available in various types which will give you an opportunity of making the [...]

Types of Dried Fruits with Iron

It is believed that foods that are rich in iron play major roles in our bodies. Firstly, they help in facilitating hemoglobin production and this in turn helps us to feel satisfied, energized and full of life. When it comes to fruits, the best sources of iron are the dried fruits. There are various types [...]

Some of the Dried Fruits without Sulfites

It is important to know that sulfites are commonly used as preservatives in dried fruits.  They help in keeping fruits and vegetables fresher and more colorful once they have been dried.  While this is the case, it has been ruled out that it is better to have dried fruits without sulfites. You can dry several [...]

Some Facts about Dried Fruits Weight Loss

The idea of losing weight has become an obsession to many people. As such, exercise and diet are to major things that have been used by many people to fight the battle of the protuberance. If you are interested in losing weight in a healthier manner, you require to have some variables. One of the [...]