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Dried Kiwi Fruit Can Keep You Healthy

Kiwi fruit is not the original name, if look back into the history, the kiwi’s origin is in China, as it is the favorite fruit for mi hou known as the macaque, the fruit’s name means macaque’s peach. The first time it was found by Chinese is about 2700 years ago. After a very long [...]

Why the Dry Fruits Can Avoid Getting Spoiled

Many people would like to store large quantities of dried fruits at home, for the dry fruits are low on water content and some of them are high on sugar content, it can be well stored for a very long time without going bad, for some experts, the shelf time may be increased into years. [...]

Dried Pear Halves or Fresh Pears

When in the fruit shop, everyone would like to pick the fruit with better outlook, and the fruits which looks better always have higher prices, while in the dried fruits section it is a different situation, only quality and species matters, not shape, and this time, it is the fresh fruit-pear other than the dried [...]