Useful Recipes of Peanut kernel with red skin

In the super markets of China, 2 kinds of cooked peanut foods are supplied everyday as a popular dish-the ones with red skin and the ones without red skin, it is mainly used as the best dish to go with wines, there is even a peanut product named drunk peanut, which is the most famous peanut food name brand in China, other than with wines, it is used in many recipes which are made for health care purposes:

1.    Peanut can be used to cure high blood pressure: Soak the peanut kernels into vinegar for a week, eat 10 for morning and 10 for night.

2.    Peanut with red skin can be used to cure anemia: Boil the peanut kernel with skin(250 g) until it becomes extensive soft, eat it 3 times a week.

3.    Raw peanut has the medical effect of treating hemophilia: eat raw peanut 3 times per day(20 g each time), 7-14 days as a course of treatment.

4.    Peanut is also useful in curing bronchiectasis: green radish 100 g, peanut kernels with skin 60g, 1 persimmon, wash and clean them, cut them into small particles, boil them with crystal sugar.

5.    Peanut without skin can be used to treat cough: 50 g of peanut kernel, 5 Chinese dates, crystal sugar 50 g, boil them for 7-10 minutes, drink it twice a day.