How to Produce the Best Dried Pear Half

Dried fruits are the new healthy snack food for most youth, they doesn’t contain much calories and matters that are carcinogenic, take the dried pear half for example, pear can be used to protect the liver, enhance the digestion system, it is mostly added to the food recipes of people who has hepatitis and cirrhosis.

How to produce the best dried pear products(halves/slices)? There might be easy ways of doing it, but to get the best dried pear product requires strict standards:

1.    Cleaning, slicing, removing the core: wash the pear and soak it into NaOH solvent(the concentration is 5%-10%), the temperature is 85-90 ℃, stir it slowly until the skin is broken,  then put it into citric acid (concentration is 0.3-0.5%) for 1 minute, use clean water to wash the skin off, then cut the pear into 4 pieces, remove the core part in the center.

2.    Color protection, hardening: pear is very easy to be oxidized in the open air once the skin is removed, the color would change, so is the pear taste. Color protection and hardening are done together, use Vtic, citric acid and Na2SO3 as the color protecting agent, CaCl2 as the hardener, soak the pear halves in the liquid for 3 hours.

3.    Sugaring and soaking: the sugar liquid concentration shall be 65%, sugar liquid and pear halves in the proportion of 3:1, boil it for 1 hour, cool it and soak it for another 20 hours.

4.    Drying : the drying process can be divided into 2 parts: dry it with the temperature of 70 ℃ for 4-5 hours, then lower the temperature to 50℃ for 20 hours. Then package the cooled dried pear halves.