Raisin-Your Daily Healthy Snack Food

The naturally dried raisin has 2 different colors-red and green: green raisins are made from the unripe green grapes, and red raisins are made from the rip red grapes. Raisin makes perfect healthy snack food for most people. It is well known that one glass of grape wine each day could help people keep healthy, while for people who couldn’t drink grape wine every day, one spoon of raisin each day is totally going to do the same good job.

The grape seed extract EGS contains large quantities of polyphenols, lipid and mineral matters that are essential to people. It has the treatment effect of vascular function, inflammation, treatment of diabetic complications such as neuropathy or retinal disease, promote wound healing, prevention of decayed tooth, cancer, age-related macular degeneration, night blindness, liver cirrhosis, etc.

Each year most of the harvested grapes are made into wines, juices and drinks, the by-product raisin seed can be made into vegetable oil for the pilot and people who are at high altitude jobs. Raisin with seed has higher nutrition value.

Raisin is a very delicious healthy snack food, like other dried fruits, its sugar content is very high, so use it as the emergency energy supply food or avoid eating too much of them in one day. As summer is coming, raisin can be used in many ice cream recipes too.