Dried Haw Flakes Can Help You with Digestion Problems

The origin of hawthorn berry is in Hebei province in China, it is first recorded in the Chinese medicine book-compendium of materia medica, since then, it was a traditional Chinese medicine until today. China has entered a time of aging polulation, it is well known to the elders that haw is a healthy fruit that can prevent them from getting many illnesses, dried haw flake is one of the food produced for better taste.

Hawthorn berry can be made into many kind of different food in China, while in the kitchen, dried haw flakes is one of the most used ingredient. Do you know why dried haw flakes are able to improve your digestion condition? Is it the same with some pills in the pharmacy? The answer is no, and dried haw flakes contains Hawthorn acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid and lipolytic enzyme that can dissolve the meat in a very short time. Meat is always food that requires longer time to digest, one tip in cooking is that add some pieces of dried haw flakes would shorten the time of cooking meat food.

One bad effect of haw food is that it is bad for the teeth, cook it first or make it into juice and drink it with a straw can avoid the teeth problem. Dried haw flakes also contains a lot of vitamins, these vitamins will not be destroyed by the heat in cooking due to the multi-organic acids it has. Dried haw flake has many other medicinal functions, get to know it before you enjoy it.