Dried Pear Halves or Fresh Pears

When in the fruit shop, everyone would like to pick the fruit with better outlook, and the fruits which looks better always have higher prices, while in the dried fruits section it is a different situation, only quality and species matters, not shape, and this time, it is the fresh fruit-pear other than the dried pear halves is able to make the news.

There was a piece of news on the internet about a kind of new pear recently occured in China, the shape of the pear is like a baby with its eyes closed, people who has seen them on shelf in the mall said he feels a little scary for feeling of the baby’s eyes to open in any second. Apparently someone has come up with the idea of imitating the ambrosia in the fairy tale of the Journey to The West, it has been a nice trying, but how would the market response to this ambrosia is still in doubt.

The creator of the human-shape pear was on a TV show for the ideas from business expert, but it seems very clear that he went to the show to promote his new product, he said that the mould is the key to harvest baby-shape pear, and it has cost him years of time and a great amount of money until he succeeded, the mould is set during its whole growing period, one boss in that show asked a question-besides its shape, the nutrition value is almost the same as the ordinary pear, so the customer group is definitely not the ordinary people.

As for the bulk dried fruit factory, shape is not the on the standard list, no matter how the pear looks like, they are all cut into the same-pieces of pear halves, and after drying and proper treatment, the nutrition value is the only thing that matters to you.