Dried Kiwi Fruit Can Keep You Healthy

Kiwi fruit is not the original name, if look back into the history, the kiwi’s origin is in China, as it is the favorite fruit for mi hou known as the macaque, the fruit’s name means macaque’s peach. The first time it was found by Chinese is about 2700 years ago. After a very long time, it was found and introduced to the western countries like the New Zealand, British, America, etc. New Zealand has become one big kiwi fruit exporter country now, it has benefited from it for the large area cultivate of kiwi and the kiwi specie variety improving.

Kiwi fruit couldn’t be preserved for a very long time, it’s skin is more fragile compared with other fruits like the apples, oranges. The fresh fruit is very delicious, but when it is out of season, the dried kiwi fruit can be a good replacement. The preservation of dried kiwi dices or slices is very simple, keep them in a sealed airless plastic bag and you can increase the shelf life for 12 month or more.

The nutritional value of kiwi fruit has been tested and measured in the lab, the dietary fibre and pectin content could improve your digestion, absorb system and prevents constipation and intestinal diseases; it also contains a kind of microorganism that can decompose the fat and generate protein, people who have to stay up at night should take one kiwi fruit to release the digest pressure; it also contains the matter-Carnitine, which can decompose the oil and fat in your body, so it is the best fruit for people who want to lose weight.