How to Make Canned Strawberry at Home

Strawberry is a seasonal fruit which is very popular among people of all age ranges, although it can be cultivated any time of the year in the green house, the strawberries with the best flavor are cultivated in the open fields, they are harvested during the March and April, the time you can enjoy them is very short, one good way to preserve the strawberries longer is to make the extra strawberries that you couldn’t finish in a couple of days into canned food. If you know how to make canned strawberries, then you can buy more of them for future storage.

Here are the simple steps of making canned strawberries:

1.    Raw material: choose strawberries which are large particles, even sizes, fresh red color, no damage and scar, no pests problem and have strong strawberry smell.

2.    Cleaning:put the fresh strawberries into clean water to wash the sand and dirt off.

3.    Pedicel removing: handle this step with care to avoid damage to the skin, you can do it with a fruit knife or a straw go though the center of the strawberry, the straw and knife shall be cleaned previously.

4.    Cooking: make 40% concentration of syrup, heat it in a pot until it is boiling, then add the strawberries into the pot, make it boiling for 10 minutes, cool them and put them into a container for 6-8 hours.

If you don’t have the time to do this yourself, you can buy the bulk canned strawberry in fruits store, with the extra sugar added, they are much sweeter than the fresh ones.