Useful Fruit Suggestions for Flu Prevention

The bird flu named H1N1 has disappeared for several years, now the H7N9 becomes an unknown threat to people in China, the source of infection is still a mysteries, pork and chicken are considered to be the possible source, any kind of contact with the bird shall be avoided during this particular period. Illness happened to people for the food they eat,so chicken, duck and pork shall be kept away from the dinner table, so it is the best time to be a fruit fan and vegetarian, in the mean time, fruits and vegetables will keep you healthy and look good.

Vitamin C and quercetin are the 2 main element that can enhance your immunity system, fruit is the best source to get them, here are some general fruit suggestions for you:

1.    If you have trouble in choosing, choose the fruits in dark color.

2.    Pineapple contains comprehensive vitamins and minerals that a person need.

3.    Green Raisin is a kind of healthy dried fruit, in the research of H1N1, flu virus seems to has certain kind of resistance to the medicines, while people who drinks red wine, grape food or raisin seems to have less chance of becoming sick. The test showed that phenol compounds in raisin could forma thin membrane outside of the virus, thus it loses the ability to emerge with the normal cells.

4.    Mushrooms: The egg and meat are not the only protein resource, mushrooms contains 17-18 kinds of amino acids, 8-9 of them are the essential amino acids, the physiological activity of fungi proteins is higher than eggs and meat, their absorption rate is very high(80%-85%), it is the best alternative protein resource for you.